Present Thai population pyramid indicates the declination of the birth rate. Hence, the old aged population are increasing which are prone to many health problems such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and heart diseases. These can be generally called “non-communicable diseases” which are the important causes of death of Thai population nowadays.

The vision of the NCD unit is to do a research, emphasizing on the chronic non-communicable diseases, to give efficiency disease preventions and treatments in the 3 target population groups. Those are general population group,   high risk population and population with stroke and heart diseases, renal diseases (phases I-III) and end stage renal disease group and population who survived from stroke group.


  • To create the research that its results can be used for development or changing the clinical practice guideline; CPG or medical policies or public health policies of the country.
  • To obtain the epidemiological data in terms of causes and effects of diseases which will lead to the control and prevalence reduction of the diseases.
  • To obtain the regulations for surveillance or prevention methods or treatments of the diseases.
  • To make change of the population health behavior that will lead to health care and illness reduction.
  • To obtain the knowledge body that can be useful both academic and workshop.




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