Project title                           Healthy diet and balance nutrition in digital era for healthy CMU (Year 1)

Project Investigator             Prof. Kittipan Rerkasem (MD., PhD.)


  1. Research Institute for Health Sciences
  2. Science and Technology Research Institute
  3. Faculty of Public Health
  4. Student Development Division
  5. Faculty of Medicine
  6. Faculty of Agro-Industry
  7. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Research objective  

  1. Developing database for Nutritional facts and food safety data from ready-to-eat food sold in CMU area.
  2. Establishing a nutrition assistant on mobile application, “KinNaiMor” for CMU staff and student.
  3. Promoting a pilot project, “DeeTorJai” to raise food quality platform in CMU.
  4. Monitoring and evaluating an output and an outcome in term of health, social and economics of the project that pushing forward a public policy for promoting CMU staff’s health.
  5. Developing and promoting the Food Testing Laboratory and Nutritional Analysis Network according to the CMU main approach strategy: Food and Health Innovation and Elderly Healthcare, Phase 12th (2017-2021) of the CMU Educational Development Plan, and the Healthy University project of ASEAN University Network (AUN)

Funding agency               Chiang Mai University         

Study site                          Food Shops in Chiang Mai University area


Study design           

The first year of this project is designed to survey a food information (seller, menu, ingredient, location, price, etc.) from more than 55 pilot food shops in CMU via “DeeTorJai Pilot Project”. A nutrition Fact of the ready-to-eat food samples will be analyzed by Nutrition Analytical Laboratory, Nutrition Research Unit (RIHES) and also calculated by the NutriFacts software for updating the database. The easy-to-use mobile application, KinNaiMor ver.1.0, the nutrition assistant on mobile will be developed. The KinNaiMor features such as searching nutritional facts / make custom foods and recipes / diet, exercise, biometrics Logs / calorie counter / meal planning / BMI suited menu and etc. may be provided. An application efficiency and satisfaction of the application will be evaluated for further improvement.


Study period        Start Jul, 2019 to Jun, 2020

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