Roles and Responsibilities 

Grant Management Unit

  • Prepares information, regulations and document to apply for foreign research studies.
  • Creates and manages budgets and expenses of foreign research studies.
  • Coordinates with foreign grantor, principal investigator, director on signing off contract of the foreign research studies.
  • Invoices grantor for reimbursable expenses.
  • Coordinates with Finance and Procurement Unit to track the reimbursed amount
  • Coordinates and follows up progress report of the foreign research studies, and creates financial status reports and send them to grantors as specified in contract.
  • Files foreign research study document and coordinates with related sectors.

International relations     
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinates and facilitates foreign experts who come to visit RIHES
  • Coordinates and facilitates RIHES staff to go for training, meeting, seminar in foreign countries
  • Estimates travel expenses for RIHES staff when traveling overseas and creates expense reports after the travelers come back
  • Provides letters and document in English to contact or respond to funders.
  • Handles administrative duties; sending documents oversea
  • Make hotel and air ticket reservation for RIHES staff to travel oversea and for RIHES guests who come to visit RIHES
  • Creates and manages guests information of RIHES database and updates database of international relations of Chiang Mai University