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According to the information from World Health Organization, approximately 2 million people worldwide or about one third of global population consume alcoholic beverages with an average drinking of 6.13 litters per person. This is considered harmful and causes more than 60 diseases. Annually, 2.5 million people are reported death due to alcohol consumption. Thai people ranked 40th in the world for alcohol consumption and 5th for liquor drinking. Alcohol consumption is the cause of 90% deaths from traffic accidents with 26,000 drinkers died per year. Most of them were youths. It also causes more than 150,000 million baht for economic loss.


The data reveal that the danger of alcohol is critical while people just drink it normally in their daily lives. The consequences of alcohol drinking include various social problems as crimes, traffic accidents and family problems. Ms. Kanittha Thaikla, a researcher of The Research Institute for Health Sciences, is aware of the problem and feels that following the country’s attempt on alcohol control, there should be an effective measurement for alcohol images and warning labels on alcoholic beverages. A survey conducted among youths aged between 15-27 years old across the country via internet along with a qualitative research revealed that youths need a warning label which is larger than half of alcoholic beverage bottle. They also prefer a label with clear pictures and statements. Moreover, they also suggest that there should be a picture of real accident and warning statements on alcoholic beverage bottles such as –Alcohol drinking may cause death and disability – Alcohol drinking may affect driving ability – Those under 20 years old are not allowed to drink – Not allowed to be sold to those under 20 years old. The information obtained from the survey will be imported as a policy data for planning on alcohol warning measurement accordingly.

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