List of Presentations (2012-2015)

1. T. Kerdnoi, S. Hongsibsong, N. Pakvilai,  P. Khumkerd, T.Prapamontol.  A Learning    Model of Pesticide Impact on Health and Environment of School Children in Highland Agricultural Communities, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Poster cession, 4th International Conference on Environment and BioScience-ICEBS 2014.  Jinju, South Korea.

2.  Vanvimol Patarasiriwong, Panomporn Wongpan, Roongnapa Korpraditskul,
Tanyaporn Kerdnoi, Aran Ngampongsai and Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai. Pesticide
Distribution in Pesticide Packaging Waste Chain of Thailand. International
Conference on Chemical, Environmental Science and Engineering (ICEEBS’2012), July
28-29, 2012 Pattaya (Thailand).

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